Tuya Smart Intelligence Inside.



What are the advantages of Tuya Smart Home System?   

  1. Convenience: With smart home, people can control lights, home appliances, and curtains at any location in the home. For example, they can turn on the lights or air conditioners in the room when they go home in the car, just one key operation;
  2. Security: When someone breaks into the room, the smart home will activate the security alarm device, the human body detector will detect the location of the intruder, and automatically dial the phone to the user, alert people in time, and inform them that they have entered the house. Strangers, avoid losses in time;
  3. Remote monitoring: If people are on a business trip at a certain time, men don’t need to worry about the situation at home. Everyone can see the situation at home through mobile phones or computers, and can control the electrical switches at home, which can be turned on or off. , Everything can be controlled freely;
  4. Comfort: You can adjust the brightness of the lights in your home arbitrarily. With just one touch, you can achieve fantastic scene changes, such as lying in bed at night, and finding that the lights in the living room are not turned off. Press the corresponding light off button on the controller, the light in the living room will automatically turn off;   
  5. Intelligence: People can automatically control curtains according to the intensity of outdoor light at different times of the day, for example, when they are resting during the day, they need to pull up the blackout curtain, and when they sleep at night, they need to pull up the protective curtain, etc.;   
  6. Technology: Computer controls lights and home appliances, and can be remotely controlled via the Internet;   I have to say that the advantages of the Tuya smart home system are still very many, not only some common advantages, but also some advantages in details. So now many families will choose the graffiti smart home design, the reason is that people really appreciate its goodness!