23100 Merge Solar Security And Monitoring Program Ariel Diamonds

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Join our Monitoring and maintenance program Ariel for our Solar Security Cameras.

Starting with Ariel you get the first 30 days with fee monitoring. We monitor the performance of your cameras making sure you get the best out of your purchase. We access the times and the security levels for your cameras. 

About The Programme Ariel.

Any Currant Agreements in place on the date of purchase will be binding and will only alter if requested by either party. If any changes to an agreement are needed Merge will send the changes to the other party for signing.

If you are a first-time user of Ariel it is simple We monitor the performance of your cameras making sure you get the best out of your purchase. We access the times and the security levels of your cameras. We review all push notifications if there is a situation that requires POLICE we notify them directly your health and well-being is our priority.

The program Ariel allows us to remotely monitor your cameras purchased through our website www.mergeshopping.com T/As Merge Solutions or your local Agent this program allows the supply of batteries and SDTF cards for a 12-month period when needed if originals fail all this is included in one payment paid yearly of $150.00 for 12 calendar months renewable at the end of that term 12 calendar months if you desire. This program allows for up to 5 cameras at the same address for $150.00 per 12 Calendar Months. If you have one camera its cost is 150.00 for 12 calendar months paid in Advance.

The camera's power source is totally off the Sun's Rays and with the help of batteries the solar panel charges the batteries during the day so they take over during the night. Solar panels over the years have improved to the point wherein rain and inclement weather the batteries still get charged. With no cables and major programming only 4 screws and wifi or 4G you can be up and running. If there is no wifi available 4G cameras can be supplied to run off your local phone network. 

Each camera has the ability to view past push notifications by using your smartphone a built-in calendar enables you to look the date up to view what happened.


By using our Platform and App you are able to access your cameras from anywhere in the world when setting up, the App invites you to join our platform only you with your special code can access, and each member of your family can join the platform using a special code supplied by them.

Real-Time Viewing 

With your Merge Solutions Platform and App, you are able to view in Real-Time as it's happening. Check each of your cameras and be sure all is okay and put your mind at ease.

Sign up and be a part of Ariel.

By purchasing Ariel now through our website you become part of a special family and the family looks after each other. 

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